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We are CRUX Designs

CRUX means core, basic, central, critical point or feature & lastly an essential point. The logo of our organization indicates progression from core, i.e. we rise to build our passion and others dreams.

Our architecture responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and communities. We give form and meaning to rooms, buildings and landscapes - always balancing internal functions with external demands of site, climate and culture.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals and associate consultants to provide structural, electrical, HVAC, Fire fighting and protection services.

The firm takes a deeply contextual approach to its work and combines this with strong focus of tactile and sensory quality of space i.e. the design process looks at sustainability through the multiple sense of cultural, social and environmental impact.

We believe

A design problem has to be addressed on its own terms: the need of the client, the nature of the site, the realities of the building program, and many others. These factors point towards an inherent order that must be acknowledged.  

"If you can´t explain your ideas to your grandmother in terms that she understands, you don´t know your subject well enough"

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What we do


Architecture Design

Our architecture responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and communities. We give form and meaning to rooms, buildings and landscapes.


Statement Interiors

A challenge to turn a clients dream into reality, harmoniously blending personal expression with aesthetic function & cost that can often be made an experience over a length of time.


Project Management

A way of addressing a set of goals or problems by managing information, clarifying ideas and ensuring that all team members are working together smoothly.  


Turnkey Projects

As Interior Architectural Design Consultancy, it is our avowed goal to take a project in its entirety, right from conceptualizing to the final handing over the key to the client.

Our Process

We are Creative Interior Designers and Architects to
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How This Would Help You

Modern Plans

We have the ability to develop and refine a vision of the completed project that you can see and understand & layout spaces and functions in your home in more logical manner.

Improved Quality of Life

Architects add value is by simply creating a house you’ll enjoy living, working, and growing in, because a more enjoyable home experience increases happiness, health, and overall well-being.

Save Money

We can advise you on what to spend, or not to spend, your hard-earned cash and whether it’s worth the investment. A well-designed building can reduce initial costs and also increase its long-term value.

Great Starting

Successful projects lead to great architect – client relationship marking a great starting for new ventures in future.

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Why Choose Us ?

It’s important to understand at the outset why your project should be let by an architect and not by the build. It’s like putting a cart before the horse or to lock yourself into a construction package before properly considering the building design with a suitably qualified and independent professional: An Architect. One should not waste his sizeable investment by overlooking this important stage, your lifestyle needs and budget will be better met this way.

Design in a way that is unique and veered away from stereotypes, giving each project its own identity simply as one person is different from others similarly in our projects we merge clients personal request with architects creative design solution.

The exterior and interiors are designed in the minimalist style for an uncluttered look to match its openness.

We design spaces that improve collaboration, inspire occupants and attract the best employees.

We will complete the project in every aspect construction, finishing, interiors, detailing and landscaping.


Our Team

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The core team at Crux Designs consists of qualified and driven professionals comprising of Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers who create versatile body of work ranging from architecture, interior to landscape and minute product details.

Our work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces , from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture detail. Crux design is an integrated full service architectural and interior solutions firm. Crux Designs has deep capability to conceptualize, execute and manage an project from conceptualization to execution.

We deal with every design problem at a fundamental level, we try to define at start the force at play and then create a geometry that resolves it. We explore ways to engage the client / customer the way they move through the space & interact with it. 


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